Ice Road Truckers Season 6 Episode 8

Watch Ice Road Truckers Season 6 Episode 8 Online: Proving Ground

Ice Road Truckers S06E08

Stars: Hugh Rowland, Alex Debogorski and Thom Beers
Genres: Documentary, Reality-TV
Country: USA, Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 17 June 2007
Runtime: 60 min
Take a look at the men who undertake one of the most dangerous jobs on earth–ice road truckers. In the thick of winter truckers in giant eighteen wheelers carry equipment and supplies to miners in the Canadian tundra. On the Dalton, everyone is gunning to be the new haul road ace, but Darrell’s plan is derailed by a massive wreck that calls into question his reasons for being in Alaska.

Watch Ice Road Truckers Season 6 Episode 8 Online

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