The Couple Travel Together (2019)

Director:Li Zhang
Writer:Xingxing Chen, Kuangmin Wang
Stars:Apaergon, Duo Ba, Lifan Dong, Tianhao Du
Genres:Comedy, Romance
Date:14 Jun 2019
In the beautiful Gulangyu Island, there is a special inn "Monkey Year". Although the inn business is deserted, the innkeeper Hu Fan (Zhang Lei) is still waiting for vacation season. His past is unknown, even the overbearing waiter Ma Yue (who stays with him all the time) Dong Lifan also doesn't know. Some people speculate that he is waiting for someone. On June 5th, 2016, the Year of the Monkey is coming, and the disheartened Hu Fan is considering closing the inn, but ushered in a "batch of" strange guests: four pairs of young people who are worried about each other, stayed in the inn

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