The Third Wish

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The Third Wish (2012)

Genre: Drama
Director: Huang Ming-Cheng
Cast: Wu Kang-Ren, Alice Tzeng Kai-Syuan and Cheuk Sing-Lei
Released Date: 2012
How much are you willing to sacrifice for your child? A man is forced to face that heartbreaking choice in The Third Wish, a touching tearjerker by co-writer/director Huang Ming Cheng. Chris Wu (When Love Comes) stars as Rong Guang, an organic pear farmer trying to raise his son as a single parent. One day, their happy lives are shattered when Rong Guang’s ex-wife (Alice Tzeng, Secret) returns looking to reclaim her son. While Rong Guang is initially adamantly against the idea, a tragic event threatens to change everything. The Third Wish marks the final film of veteran comic actor Zhuo Sheng Li (Strawman), who passed away shortly before the theatrical release of the film.

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