Vampires In Venice (2012)

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Vampires In Venice (2012)

Released: March 09, 2012
Genres: Documentary
Venice, 1575 – the jewelled city of northern Italy is in the throes of unimaginable horror. One of the worst plagues ever to strike mankind: the Black Death. Mass graves swell thousands of bodies. A legend grows that a vampire known as a “Shroud-eater” is the cause of the plague. The Shroud-eater feasts on corpses, then rises from the earth to infect the living. More than four hundred years later Italian forensic anthropologist and CSI specialist Matteo Borrini leads a team excavating a 16th Century mass grave on one of Venice’s outlying islands. He uncovers a skeleton unlike any he had ever seen before. A brick appears to have been inserted between the jaws of the skull. Why?

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