Tallafornia Season 1 Episode 9

Tallafornia Season 1 Episode 9Watch Tallafornia Season 1 Episode 9 (The Magnificent Seven) Online:

Tallafornia S01E09

Release : 2011
Genre: Reality-TV
Summary: Four hot West Dublin boys & fabulous West Dublin girls will spend four weeks living, eating, working and partying together – and TV3 cameras will be there to catch all the action. We see how these Tallaght natives let nothing stop them from looking great and having the time of their lives. We look at the phenomenon that is Tallafornia: the people, the places, the hairspray, the buff bodies and the golden orange skin tone. Tall-a-for-ni-ca-tion – Noun. Meaning: The spread and influence of Western Dublin culture, esp. that of Tallaght, across the rest of the country. 

Watch Tallafornia Season 1 Episode 9 Online

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