KRUSH 16 (2012)


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KRUSH 16 (2012)

Released: February 29, 2012
Genres: Sport
Krush.16 took place earlier today at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo and it marked the company’s second co-promotion with ISKA, again with two titles on the line, pitting Japanese kickboxers against European kickboxers for the ISKA Light Welterweight and Light Middleweight titles. 2011 K-1 63kg Japan Tournament champion Yuta Kubo took on former WPMF France champ Charles Francois for the ISKA World Light Welterweight title while 2010 K-1 MAX World Tournament Runner-up Yoshihiro Sato took on reigning ISKA World Light Middleweight champ Fadi Merza for his title…

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